"Education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know; it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave." John Ruskin

College Courses

OM Coaching Classes is a leader in Medical / Engineering for more than two decades we have been offered the quality education in Medical / Engineering with our esteemed faculty team and today take pride in offering these resources to you for another prestigious examination CET / NEET. Our Driving force is sustainable results. We do that by offering our students access to depth of knowledge and experience. Our faculty has the directionally insight and intelligence to deliver remarkable result-time to time.

Sr.No Batch Name Subject Name Month
01 11th science (Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Maths ) Month
02 12th science summer batch     (Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Maths ) (6th month)
03 12th science summer + regular batch   (Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Maths )  (14th month)
04 12th science regular CET / NEET batch (Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Maths ) (8th month)
05 12th science CET/NEET (B+CET) Batch  (Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Maths ) (18th month)
06 Separate Repeater CET / NEET Batch Subject Name Month
07 Separate AIEEE IIT-JEE batches Subject Name Month